14 de mai de 2009

Os 50 melhores sites para baixar mp3 de graça

Postado por Equipe Muitolegal

1.Download Any Stuff -Simple and easy search for mp3 songs. Just enter any song/artist name and get download links. Click on ‘Songs/Music’ on the results page to refine  results further..This engine also allows search for softwares,ebooks,shared files etc.

2.Bt.etree.org tracks live recording torrents of bands.

3.Unsigned Band Web - unknown bands sign up here to get noticed. Their songs are available for downloading. The site also maintain charts to show which of their songs are popular.

4.Elbo.ws - Aggregates music blogs and the search results link to the relevant blog posts.

5.Spinner – they give a free mp3 song every day and have been doing so for quite some time.

Os 5 primeiros estão aqui, veja o resto da lista.

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